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Special Delivery Types

List of delivery types requiring special handling

Scheduled E-tickets

Scheduled E-tickets are E-tickets which are scheduled to be delivered at a set interval prior to the Performance. Until this point, tickets can’t be downloaded and both Get Print-At-Home tickets and Get E-Tickets will return empty content in this case.

There are two methods to find out when tickets are available:

1.) Webhook
Once tickets become available, we will send a webhook to your specified endpoint with all the necessary information regarding the tickets and booking.
Contact us to set up this method for you, see Scheduled E-tickets Available under Webhooks section for details.

2.) Polling
You need to build a polling mechanism based on ScheduledOn field in Get submitted Basket summary response (see TicketInfoBooking for reference).

Venue Dispatch

Similar to Scheduled E-tickets, these are also available for a selected interval prior to the Performance. The only difference is that in this case the supplier system takes care of sending the tickets (to the email address entered as Email parameter filled in either in Submit Order or Submit Order on Account)