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Data Types

Primitive data types

This documentation refers to many primitive data types which are described here to give you a full description over used data types.

Please note that some data types may not require a value, so called nullable. It means it can be a null reference.


Text represented as a series of Unicode characters. Can be null reference naturally.

Guid (globally unique identifier)

128-bit data structure that is typically used when global uniqueness is required.

Sometimes you can meet a term called “Guid empty” which refers to a Guid where all bits equal to zero. When represented as a String, it is “00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000”.


32-bit signed Integer.


128-bit signed Decimal number. Typically used for a prices.


ISO 8601 standard representation of the Date and Time.


Bit with two possible values – true, false.