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The only requirement for making API call is a valid API key.

For API this key needs to be included in every request (as an HTTP header).

To obtain an API key, the only you have to do is:

  1. E-mail your request for an API key to [email protected] with the details of your application and a member of our partnerships team will get back to you.

The API is completely multiplatform so there are no other requirements on the application that makes requests to the API.

All API requests are a standard HTTP requests authenticated by the API key in one of the HTTP headers (see Making Requests for more information about the authentication method).

Most of the input and output data are formatted as simple data types. The complex ones are described as part of every API function documentation here.

In certain situations (exceptional states, invalid parameters and others), the API returns an error (often referred to as “exception”). The API calls return standard HTTP statuses which are described in Response HTTP Statuses.

After obtaining an API key, even before writing the first line of code, you can start playing with the API and doing requests by using our Inventory API, Booking API or System API where you can make request to the API and see the exact request and response headers and bodies against the real API.